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Free Yoga Zone

Experience FREE Dru Yoga classes, in the Yoga Zone.

At the Yoga Zone, you will able to experience free Dru Yoga classes on the hour, every hour from 11am till 4pm, as well as demonstrations and talks. The classes are accessible for people of all fitness levels, and particularly targeted for people with back pain.

By visiting this zone, you can meet helpful experts, and learn how Dru Yoga relieves chronic back pain and prevents further back problems!

Visit Dru Yoga on stand B1 and received...

  • FDru Yoga Zoneree online resources
  • Training opportunities
  • Free 10 minute consultation
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Free talks and demonstrations
  • Win a yoga weekend

More about Dru Yoga - Dru is one of the UK's leading schools of yoga, and are proud to be a partner of the Back Pain Show. Dru Yoga's flowing, therapeutic style is accessible to everyone, and is especially safe for people with back pain.

Dru Yoga ZoneDru Yoga is particularly effective for bad backs, as it targets the muscles which may be weak or tight, and gently stretches and strengthens them, relieving pain, improving flexibility and tone. Recent research published in the Journal of Occupational Medicine shows that Dru Yoga significantly reduces back pain and stress!

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