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Jun 17, 2014

New: N:rem Sleep System 'The Worlds First Comfort Changeable Mattress' visit at stand B59



NEW N:rem sleep system: bespoke comfort bedding system invented experts at Manchester University!

Try the new N:rem sleep system at the show (stand B59).

This is a bespoke comfort bedding system, invented with personal sleep research and experts at Manchester University (it is allergy friendly too!).


The N:rem sleep system has been invented to ensure ‘Bespoke comfort for the best rest’ through extensive and personal sleep research with experts at Manchester University.

Nrem stands for “Non-rapid eye movement” and is the scientific term for the deepest, most refreshing and thus, most valuable phase of sleep. Failure to go through all the phases of sleep may often leave you still feeling tired despite having spent over 8 hours “asleep”. A variety of factors may stop you obtaining deep sleep but comfort is often one of the main reasons for regular poor sleep.

The N:rem uses moveable foam tablets of differing density and firmness on top of a pocket sprung base. These tablets can be easily changed to match the comfort and support of both users with any lifestyle in a matter of seconds. Importantly you only get a true sense of whether the bed comfort is optimised for you once you have spent a complete night sleeping on it. With the Nrem system, you can easily keep adjusting every day until you know that it offers you the most comfortable setup and therefore the best and deepest nights sleep.

The N:rem has 5 colour-coded tablets on each side ranging from super soft, soft, medium, and firm densities. This gives a multitude of options to maximise the users comfort and support and furthermore at the time of purchase, you get an extra 5 tablets to enable any option of comfort to be achieved. They can also be rinsed clean and the internals can be vacuumed to reduce dust mites and other allergens. The longevity of the mattress is also increased as tablets can be replaced in years to come rather than the need to change a whole mattress.

Sleeping temperature

The mattress top cover is made from “Coolmax” fabric which wicks any body moisture away from you and underneath the top cover is a 10mm layer of Viscool memory foam which has a clever formulation to regulate temperature. Finally the tops of the tablets have air channels carefully cut into them to allow air to circulate around the mattress to keep you cool. This means that you sleep at your most comfortable temperature to enable a deeper and better nights sleep.

In the mattress base are 1000 pocketed springs to give bounce, responsiveness and further enhance comfort. The depth of the overall mattress is a sumptuous 28cm of fabric, foams and springs.
The whole mattress is made almost entirely from British materials and built in Manchester by one of Britains best mattress manufacturers.

Finally we pledge to give away 5% of all the product we sell to good causes. Not everyone can afford a Nrem sleep system but everyone can appreciate the benefits.

From: £595.00